Little Vase Shoppe
Alenka Paquet

My work as an artist reflects an intense relationship between myself and nature, namely trees. I am inspired by their structure, their strangely beautiful angles, and the twists and bends of their branches.

With my work I invite the viewer to acquire a new and fresh realization of the incredible resilience and toughness that trees must exert in order to survive on our planet.

I mold and sculpt clay in a way that reveals the unique aesthetic beauty of these resilient and robust organisms that tower around us. They are creatures that are fundamental to our existence. I work mostly with sculpting clays. Certain sculptures are glazed inside so that they can be used as vases.


Celebrating Clay
Pieces shown at the Galerie Cote Creations at 98 Richmond Road.
Summer 2018
Various Birches and Oak
An exhibition of my sculptures together with a coloured vase was presented at the NCNS at the St. Brigit Center for Arts.
September 2015
Various Birches
Sculptures shown with the paintings of birch trees by artist Marie Leger was shown at the Shenkman Arts Center Display Case.
August 2015
Birch Tree
Shown at the juried exhibit "Selections" organized by the OAE.
Fall 2014
Surviving Birch and Oak Tree
Sculptures "Surviving Birch Tree" and "Surviving Oak Tree" were exhibited at the event oganized by the NCNS at the St. Brigit Center for Arts.
Fall 2013
Surviving Elm
Shown at the juried exhibition organized by the NCNS at the Musem of Nature.
Fall 2012
Surviving Elm Tree
Displayed at juried exhibition "Selections" by the OAE.
Fall 2012
Birch Tree Stump
Displayed at juried exhibition "Selections" organized by the OAE.
Fall 2011
Surviving Birch Tree
Awarded "Best of Expression" at the annual juried exhibit at the Ottawa Guild of Potters
Spring 2011